Start-up Innovations

Visioniare’s Kickstarter Program supports innovative technology start-ups like Arrive Systems, MIBO and FMWorks.

Arrive Systems®

Arrive® provides hardware and software platforms that comprise a system portfolio offering digital signage, technology for autonomous spaces, and AV Facility Managed Services.

Born-for-Innovation from the ground up, Arrive® is built by its visionary founder Aseem Gupta. Aseem is at the forefront of transformational technology for more than 30 years and well known to challenge traditional paradigms as an inventor with considerable entrepreneurial and product development experience.

Arrive’s solution portfolio provides the ability for systems integrators, IT and facility managers to benefit from the AV-IT crossover opportunity of merging the wired world of AV with the wireless and cloud of IT, artificial intelligence, and the internet-of-things. This leverages Arrive’s legacy investments and provides  rapid expansion into new markets such as retail, hospitality, autonomous facility management, with  humongous growth opportunities.

Arrive is a global business entity with captive technology development centers located across USA, UAE, India and China, supported by a talented team, serving local, regional and international markets through a network of channel partners and affiliates. Visit Arrive at


Digital Signage applications

Arrive365 is one of Arrive’s flagship products – a new generation digital social signage cloud that offers full-service and innovative features making it the leading futuristic premium signage service provider.

Arrive365 is a cloud based Digital Signage and social messaging platform with end-to-end offerings for dynamic sign deployment in various applications covering retail, hospitality, enterprise, government, healthcare and industrial markets.

– Full Range of Signage Solutions

– Content Development and Deployment

– Robust and Secure

– Cloud Hosted

– Manage Anytime, Anywhere

– Flexible Pricing

Arrive365 is the one-stop shop that scales from a single sign to multi-locational managed signage network ensuring that your content is always available to the right audience 365 days a year. The cloud hosted platform helps you manage visual communication and messaging opportunities like never before.

Working with Arrive365 you’ll quickly discover how simple it is to achieve your goals while we handle the complexity behind the scene.

Arrive365 products

Product offerings:

– Room booking and Interactive Signs

– Interactive Lobby Signage Software

– Signage Players for Large Screens

– Retail Digital Label Systems

– Restaurant Pay-at-the-Table Accelerators

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Facilities Management using QR code

FMWorks, is our managed service platform for real estate facility management. FMWorks is designed to provide building owners, management associations, tenants and service providers a birds-eye-view of their property’s well being, thus pioneering maintenance productivity.

This cloud hosted service and network automation solutions allow for uninterrupted use of equipment without line-of-sight across geographies. It brings the power of the cloud with advanced AI and IoT capabilities to make the highly manpower intensive facility management work process effective and efficient.  FMWorks allows users to track, analyze and monitor systems and devices as well as report issues and problems effortlessly through:

– Client Management

– Asset Lifecycle Management

– Real-Time Monitoring

– Ticket Management

– Intelligent Reporting

– Customer Portal

FMWorks allows easy & efficient provisioning, management and monitoring of commercial buildings, multi-storey mixed use apartments, hotels, hospitals and independent homes. It enables facility maintenance providers and operating companies the ability to work seamlessly with building owners, tenants, operators and owner associations to operate their facility maintenance and management from a single, integrated platform.


MI.BO. means nutrition for the “mind and body”. It is Visionaire’s a revolutionary concept built on techniques refined over many centuries and it’s light years ahead as the single program that addresses the holistic person-the mind and body using modern technology.

Leverage technology to make the quantum leap into health and fitness- MI.BO. is a holistic program that combines the power of ancient meditative practices, personalized nutrition, and modern technology to achieve fitness for the mind and body.

– Combines technology with traditional practices

– See rapid results

-Well-being made easy

– Holistic program for nutrition, mindfulness and fitness.

MI.BO. uses advanced techniques built on established foundations of yoga, ancient spirituality and known meditative practices that trains the mind and body simultaneously to achieve amazing results.

MI.BO. is built to function side by side with modern day life demands and does not require time-off or exacting efforts to maintain healthy well being.

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